Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two more days!!

That's right, just two more days till the 3rd annual Fall Harvest Smackdown and only just over 24 hours until the secret ingredient is revealed!! The competition is getting hotter with new teams registering everyday.

So far in contention we have:

Team Fatguyonalittlebike (aka the artist) and the Flogger

Team Vero and Lu

Team Sepy


Team Pneumonia (aka C-Ro and L-Ro)

I've also heard rumors that the suburban cowboy is going to throw his hat in the ring (as long as it doesn't get dusty cuz you know, suburban cowboys really like to keep their ostrich skin boots and beaver fur hats clean), and Dr. A might be participating if she can get over her cold. No word yet from Team Fashionsta. They'll probably be too busy shopping for new clothes. And what about Luke, who will he recruit to help him with cooking, cuz as much as i love him, i'm not sure he can do much better than a grilled cheese sandwich.

It's not too late to register to compete. Just use the comment boards below this post to add your team name and team participants. Details and rules (as well as a good amount of smack talk) can be found at this previous post.

Check in tomorrow at 5:00 for the secret ingredient, which will also be available for pick up at that time (no suburban cowboy, i'm not going to deliver it to your house).

And stay tuned for a possible venue change. It's possible that given the success of this annual event we may have outgrown our small abode.


Boom Goes the Dynamite said...

ok...blah blah blah...yadda yadda yadda...

am I registered now?

Team fashionista is in the game...


matt b. said...

ooh, Zach that was a real zinger. If you can cook even half as well as you can smack talk i'm sure everyone else is really shacking in their aprons.

Really? really? all those years of church ball and country rec soccer and this is the best you can do?

Veronica said...

Post the ingredient already!!!

Cam and Lindz said...

Team Pneumonia, huh? Now everyone will be afraid to eat my delicious food!!