Sunday, February 22, 2009

spring is in the air

It was great to get out this weekend and ride in warm weather, although tyler "the robot" drilled it up emigration yesterday and i had to do all i could just to hold on, then DC sprinted every incline i rode with him today and now my legs are toast. But i feel good cuz i've been riding some of the small canyons this week, which is nice because i was really starting to get bored doing laps around the valley floor.
This morning i also rode a bit with my "anonymous friend," who you may remember from a previous post. Anyway, i was surprised when we met up with her this morning that she had cotton stuffed in her ears. I know in the past she has been known to ride with ear buds, even if she wasn't listening to music, just to keep the bugs out of her ears. Despite the warmer weather, however, it's still not warm enough for bugs. Turns out she's not only afraid of bugs, she's also afraid of the wind. Yes, she stuffed cotton in her ears because when she rides down hill it gets so loud and scary, you know, that big "whoooshy" sound. I tried to take a picture, but she quickly covered her ears so i couldn't get a good shot. She may or may not be in one of the pictures below, however.

This weekend many dear, good friends also helped me celebrate my graduation. My nieces came to the party too. I love them a lot despite what this photo may convey.

Many, many thanks to Cait and Marti for hosting and organizing the party. Thank you!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Training

Congrats to T-dub!! She went down to AZ for her first stage race this weekend and came away with 2nd in the TT, 1st in the RR, and 3rd in the crit for the first place GC podium spot. Nice work for someone who only started riding at the end of last summer.

While T-dub was enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, we got another set of storms. After waking up to 2 inches of snow on the roads saturday i decided to take the cross bike out rather than spend another mind-numbing workout on the trainer.

Today i did get up the canyon for some skiing too before i came down and put in a few more hours on the bike. It was blue sky and trying to get warm, so i can't complain.

I do love living in a place where i can get to world-class skiing 20 minutes from my house and some exceptional riding from my front door (even if it is a little cold in feb) and ski and bike all in the same day.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

year in review (2008 that is)

I know, it's already February, but over the holiday break i wanted to do a little year-in-review post. i never got around to it, but i thought i'd do it now before half the year is over and i have to start thinking about 2009. So here it is: 2008 in pictures.

I totaled this car
I grew some things in the garden

Some things grew in my yard

sand sage lit up by the evening light

indian paintbrush finally started to reseed and get established

Caitydid's blossoming heart opuntia

Leti learned to cook

My dogs got muddy
Judith had a quinceX2 on my newly finished (almost) back porch

I got to play cowboy with Trigger

I raced and rode my bike a lot

including Lotoja for the 4x.

T-dub got over being mad at me for making her race. She ended up winning "rookie of the year" for the CX season (she even got a little trophy).

I had a birthday

After 6 years of not skiing because i was spending my winter breaks and weekends procrastinating my dissertation, i finally started to ski again.

And i finally did defend and finish my dissertation and get to wear a big gown and funny hood for graduation.

On my bike i got to see some great sunrises

some nice sunsetsand some just plain funny stuff

The bush admin is finally gone

But there's plenty to still lament including election of these two clowns