Wednesday, December 23, 2009

and the winner is. . .

. . . not these two! (In fact i don't really even have an explanation for this).

I know many of my faithful blog readers (both of you) have been waiting with great anticipation to hear who won the Fall Harvest Smackdown. So, at long last, i am here to announce the winners. And they are:

The bradleys!!

Yes, although there was some stiff competition from Cait "dirty mouth" C-hill and Team Mo-fizzle, the bradley family swept all five categories: best appetizer, best salad, best main course, best beverage, and best dessert (or something like that). It was reported that Team Mo-fizzle was heard uttering threats and waving middle fingers upon their departure, but other reports have suggested they have already begun preparations for the floggers upcoming "Cookie Party." Determined not to walk away without a victory again they have secretly been developing and testing new recipes. In fact they have been so secret about this endeavor they even disinvited their own flesh and blood from the Swenson/Wiles/Romoero annual holiday cookie cooking day, an event she was really looking forward to.

The main course spread.

The appetizer spread.

The dessert spread.

Team Fashionistas "nipple cheese cake."

The "scurvy pirate" preparing her dessert.

Ms. Brenda sampling the goods.

Two of the toughest critics giving the cheese spread and salsa a go.

The capitalist and the small rabbit, whose mashed potatoes overwhelmingly won "best appetizer," which speaks to how good they were since the presentation was, well mashed potatoes in a bowl.

Team Mo-rizzle (i mean mo-fizzle) awaiting the results.

Hudson thought it was a Halloween Party!

The Artist's no. 2 double fisting the drinks!

Team Fashionista casting their ballots!

The Suburban Cowboy delirious with excitement (or he just ate too much).

No. Four trying to steal one of my butternut squashes.