Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so long, so long, no excuses

Whew! i know it's been unexcusably too long since i last posted and i don't really have any excuses, except to say that maybe i have been avoiding the fact that DC and I should both be riding our bikes around town in funny ballet and luchador outfits. In fairness, however, the contest was nullified when the artist reported false results. And DC has been so busy brewing award-winning beers, he hasn't even seen his bike for months. But props to him and his new endeavor. If you're a beer drinker, check out Epic Brewery. Try to get a bottle before it's sold out. Literally, they've been selling so fast they can barely get a batch of brew on the shelves before it's gone. I'm not a beer drinker, but i do appreciate fine-crafted, local products, and Epic is doing wonders on that front.

As for me, most of my recent efforts have gone into my newest endeavor: Magpie Gardens and Xeriscapes.

See, the recession has not been too good on adjunct university professors. I used to be able to pick up a few classes over the summer each year to make ends meet, but with 19% cuts to higher ed here in Utah, most departments have cut their summer offerings or replaced adjuncts with tenure-track teachers. As a result, after weighing my other options for earning income i have determined that i am too old and slow to ever be a professional cyclist (though T-dub is well on her way). The only other thing i really know anything about is gardens, hence, Magpie Gardens & Xeriscapes. Hopefully the teaching season and the gardening season will not overlap too much and i can manage the two vocations during winter and summer. And i love making things grow, enjoying fresh garden fruits and veggies, putting together landscape ideas, and being outdoors, so it's a pretty good fit.