Monday, October 11, 2010

Love in Action

Although this summer has been marked by a number of tragedies and challenges, i am always inspired and amazed by the ways in which our communities step up in meaningful and beautiful ways to support each other. This weekend i was privileged to be apart of and witness this more than once. First off, friday evening and early saturday morning was the Run for Bun silent auction/dinner and 5k run. It was great to see so many people come out to the dinner and run to remember Bunny and celebrate her life and all that it represented.

Clare did not win the bike ride, but gets props for being brave and riding her bike and continuing where her mom left off.

First off was the kids' 1 k bike ride. All i gotta say is do not get in the way of Bryson and Summer's kids, cuz they have a competitive streak from here to the far side of Timbuktu, and as cute as they are, they will not hesitate to run you over if you get in their way. They even competed in both the bike ride and the 5k. Check them out in the pic below (in the matching jerseys) leading out the 5k run.

A bunch of the girls from Luke's office donned bunny ears and tails and matching pink socks for the run.

T-dub and Dr. A with Ridley at the beginning of the 5k.

Vero, T-dub, Ridley, Me, Bunny, and Dr. A.

My goal was to walk the 5k, even though i've only had my prosthetic leg for a week. Earlier in the week KSL came out and did this story about the Run for Bun and my goal to complete it.

Video Courtesy of

With some great company (thanks Vero, T-dub, Dr. A, and Lu who finished then came and found us), we took a slow pace and i managed to finish in about an hour and 15 minutes. I know that's about an hour slower than the guys who came in first, but turns out i won the "one legged category."

Crossing the "finish line."

Of course, this all couldn't have happened without the incredible energy, time, and efforts of many of Bunny's friends, family, and supporters. I don't know everyone who was involved, so i apologize for not thanking everyone, but i do know that both the dinner and run happened largely due to the efforts of Jenna and the bake-a-holic who put the race together. All the more amazing considering how quickly they pulled everything together and that Jenna just had a baby three weeks ago. Well done ladies!!

No. 4 loves her dad, but she's still not too sure about R3.

After the Run for Bun, i had the opportunity to go to a little league football game for my compadre Daniel. This wasn't just any little league game, however, this was again, a wonderful demonstration of community support and love for Daniel and his wife Katy who is fighting her second bout with breast cancer. When i got to the park at first i was a little unsure how i was going to find Daniel as there were four or five games going on simultaneously. It didn't take long, however, all i had to do was look for the pink.

In a beautiful act of support and solidarity with the Argueta family, the whole team wore pink socks and custom jerseys with pink highlights and the name Argueta on the back of the jerseys (i have to admit i'm a little slow on the uptake and at first thought, "dang, all of Daniel's kids, cousins, and relatives must play on this team, look how many Arguetas there are"). The fans and coaches wore pink t-shirts, the yard markers on the field were painted pink, and pink ribbons and balloons were tied around the park. Again, this all happened because of the love, time, energy, and concern of those who are a part of Daniel and Katy's community, and as Daniel told me, sometimes it's easy to feel alone when confronted with these types of challenges, but acts such as these certainly show us that there are many people around us who do care for and support us.

Despite the challenges Daniel's own family is going through with Katy's condition and the cancer's spread throughout her body, Daniel has always offered his love and support for me through my own little bout with cancer, and to him I am grateful and extend my love. As i've said before, although cancer took my foot, i feel like a "cancer survivor" poser when compared to the trials that others face and the toll cancer takes on their lives and families. Most importantly however, this weekend really illustrated for me how much the little thoughts and actions matter. This is of course something that has been on my mind a lot since Bunny's death and my diagnosis with cancer (because i appreciate all the little things people do for me), but was really highlighted when i had the opportunity to go and support Daniel. Sometimes it seems like a hassle or bother to go and do something like this, but i know it meant a lot for Daniel and for me it was equally fulfilling to have him put his arms around me, thank me for coming and tell me he loved me. Daniel's actions inspired me to tell my own brother Luke that i love him, something i don't think i've ever done.

This weekend also marked two months since my amputation and one week since i've had R3 to help me get around. After the football game i celebrated by going mountain biking with the artist and a few other friends.

I was pretty slow both going up and down. Going up because i just don't have the muscles in my right leg right now and going down because i don't have full weight bearing on my right leg, so i cant' stand over both pedals to get a good center of balance (though i've always been a lousy descender, so now i'm all that much worse). It was great to ride, however, and thanks to everyone who didn't mind riding at a gimp's pace. Even though i'm slow, it helps me to feel some sense of normality to be able to do the things i love.


johnnyrub said...

Way to go Matt. We were thinking about you and Luke all weekend.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Thanks, Matt.

cait c said...

beautiful beautiful. i miss u all so much. my heart is with you all.

cait c said...
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Ms. Fu-Daddy said...

Awesome Matt!! Glad it went well. And great post!!