Friday, October 15, 2010

Capsicum Chinense

AKA the Habanero Chile Pepper

Yes, this is your secret ingredient. Spicy as hell, but with a nice fruity citrus flavor this chile adapts well to a variety of dishes. Let's see what you can do.

I have a variety of habaneros for you to choose from including: (from top left) Fatali (not reallly a habanero, but close enough and not quite as hot), Chocolate Habaneros, Peach Habaneros; (from bottom left) Orange Habaneros, Red Scotch Bonnets, 10x Hot Orange Habaneros, and Red Habaneros. Habaneros are ready for pick up now, as well as anything else you want from the garden.

And an important announcement, the venue for this years Fall Harvest Smackdown has been changed for two reasons 1) we have outgrown our house and 2) the artist has finally finished his much anticipated new documentary and it would be awkward for all of us to try to cram into our bedroom to watch it on the only TV we have.

So, this years Fall Harvest Smackdown will be at the Capitalist's house because as you might imagine of a capitalist 1) his house is large and has ample space for all of us and 2) his house has a super fancy home theater where we can watch the world premiere of the artist's new film. If you don't know how to get to the Capitalist's house, let me know and i'll get you his address and directions.

Remember, all dishes must be plated and ready for judging (eating) by 6:30. The rest of the rules can be found at this previous post.


matt b. said...

And a reminder the catagories are:

Best appetizer
best drink
best salad
best soup
best main course
best dessert

and this year we are adding
hottest dish

Dishes will be judged based on both presentation (30%) and taste (70%) by a jury of peers and as many children as your peers can bring along to stuff the ballot box.

cait c said...

LMAO that u tube is hilarious