Monday, September 27, 2010

Mark your calendars!

It's time for the 3rd Annual Fall Harvest Smackdown!! Even though my garden was a bit of a bust this year because of all the extenuating circumstances, i do have a few options for the secret ingredient. This secret ingredient will, of course, remain secret until the the day before the meal. If this is your first time to the Fall Harvest Smackdown, or for those who forgot, here are the rules:

1) dishes will be judged on a) presentation (that means you lose points if you serve your dishes in tupperware) b) taste and c) originality/creativity
2) all dishes must incorporate the secret ingredient
3) extra points will be rewarded for using local products for your other ingredients
4) you must cook as a team
5) finished dishes must be on the table at our house, plated and ready to eat by 6:30 pm.
6) judging will be by peer review

This year the Fall Harvest Smackdown will be on Saturday, Oct. 16. That means I will announce the secret ingredient here on the blog Friday, Oct. 15 at 5:00 pm. At that time they will also be ready for pick up. You are also welcome to anything else you want to take from the garden.

This may or may not be the secret ingredient.

This year registration will be a little different. To register to compete you must post your team name and teammembers to the comment board here on this blog entry. If you are looking for teammates, you can also post to the blog to find cooking partners.

And finally, in addition to the usual fun and good eats of the fall harvest smackdown, this year the artist will be premiering his labor of love: the documentary he has been working hard on since last year's competition. Hopefully he will have a trailer available soon as a little teaser of what's to come.

Last year the Bradley's swept all the fields. Is there anyone who will challenge them this year? Can you take on the the Bake-a-holic or Team Fashionista?

A complete wrap up of last year's competition can be found here.


Cam and Lindz said...

I am calling FOUL on the sweep of the competition by the Bradley's!! My tacos last year were AMAZING!!

matt b. said...

But the only real question is whether you'll be back this year to prove yourself. And if you learned anything from the Bradleys last year, it shoulda been that you gotta bring enough kids for some good old fashioned ballot stuffing. Maybe you could round up some of those kids from your kindy-garden class and bring them.

fatguyonalittlebike said...

Maybe this year the ingredient can be SOUR GRAPES. Why don't you make a taco out of that!

the Bake-a-holic and i will be there with ALL of our kids. We might even babysit some neighbors kids and bring them too.

Cam and Lindz said...

So let me get this straight.....I have to have kids to win?!?! I call that discrimination!!! And, there is NO way I am bringing my potty mouthed students. The Bradley Children don't need to be corrupted by them. I will just bring delicious treats to win over the Bradley children....and maybe my cat. They love cats!!

And Seth.....BRING IT!! I am going to serve you up some HUMBLE PIE!

matt b. said...

Oh Yea, It's on now!!!

fatguyonalittlebike said...

Make sure your humble pie doesn't have meat because I'm a vegetarian.
I'm sure your students don't know any words that Caitlin didn't already teach them.

Lu said...

Here's our official team registration:
Team name: Team Vero and Lu
Team Members: Vero and Lu

Is anybody else registered? Or just smack talking? Just wondering...

P.S. Bring it.

Veronica said...

LOL, so intense! Matt we only know one day before!?! I remember having more time the first year...but that does make things more interesting. I'm excited ;)

Mamalove's Story said...

Team Sepy-

Okay maybe we aren't cooks we have lots of kids so maybe we will win.

Erin Gilbert said...

I hope you were serious about letting us crash your smackdown, because we're coming. (and we're going to kick Seth's trash!) Our team name is Team DINK. Members are Dustin and Erin.