Sunday, September 26, 2010

Transitions . . .

Three years ago when i started this blog i did so as a means to help me finish my dissertation. Although it was titled "How to Procrastinate a Dissertation," something i was very good at, i actually hoped that holding myself publicly accountable would help me finish. I did post many great strategies for procrastinating (which i was very good at) over the next year as i struggled to finish, but eventually, finish i did. So now two years after i actually finished my dissertation the title "How to Procrastinate a Dissertation," no longer seems apropos. And given the transitions and changes i have been experiencing lately i figured it was high time to change the title of the blog to reflect all these factors. So i now introduce "A Gimp's Guide to the Galaxy!" Its scope is not really as wide as the galaxy, more likely it will focus on the Salt Lake City area and my limited wanderings, and it's not really a guide either, more a public journal of my day to day doings, but i just liked the alliteration, and i am afterall, now a gimp.

Speaking of which, after getting bored out of my mind riding the trainer in the house, and wanting to enjoy the great weather we've been having, i finally took the bike outside this weekend. This is something i should've done weeks ago. We rigged a little "stump holster" from a piece of T-dub's Pika bike carrier that hung from the top tube and into which i rested my stump while i rode. It didn't work perfectly, but it worked enough that i could ride and keep my residual leg up and stable. It was a little awkward at first, but it felt great to get outside, feel the wind in my hair (ok over my bald head), and actually get my heart rate up a bit. I managed to do a few intervals yesterday and rode for an hour, and then today got in a good 90 minutes. I know that doesn't seem like much, but i'm feeling pretty good about it. I even passed a lady today (nevermind that she was in her 50s, riding a mtn. bike equipped with those big mirrors that attach to the handlebars).

This wednesday i go back to see Doc Jones, which will hopefully begin the next transition: getting a prosthetic leg. It's an understatement to say i can't wait. I really want to walk, to be able to carry a plate from the table to the sink or sweep the floor without having to hop. I want to pedal my bike with two legs and be able to stand and sprint or climb and put in a good, hard effort. Hopefully by this weekend, i'll be taking those first steps!!


matt b. said...

T-dub thought the inclusion of the term "galaxy" in the new title of the blog pegged me as a big, extreme nerd, and has thus demanded that i change it lest her friends think she is dating a nerd, which she wants me to inform you all, she is most certainly not. Hence, the new name of the blog is "A Gimp's Guide to the 801."

matt b. said...

Direct quote, "People are going to think you're a big freakin' Stars Wars Nerd"