Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simple pleasures

For the past couple of weeks T-dub has been helping me stick to a pretty good diet since I gained a few extra pounds over the past two months (hard to keep active between two foot surgeries then an amputation). I'm almost back down to my early summer weight, but it's a low sugar diet, and this is the worse time of the year, with all the fresh fruit and tomatoes, etc etc to really be limiting my sugar intake.

But today, I got to enjoy a big, fat peach, strawberry shake.

I've been craving peaches and ice cream all week, and we've got a peach tree full of ripe peaches, so Tay fulfilled my wishes and served me up a shake in the biggest cup she could find, which coincidentally was also my Huntsman Cancer Center cup that they gave me during my stay.

It was fantastic, even if it was sugar free ice cream.

I am happy!

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