Friday, March 20, 2009

Why i love living in Utah, reason no. 7

I know i've mentioned a few other reasons why i love living in utah in other posts here on the blog. I'm not sure if there are actually six previous reasons, but that number feels good to me, so i'm starting here with reason no. 7: it's beautiful! (this reason can be recycled as many times as i want, by the way). T-dub and i took advantage of the great spring temps and rode over suncrest up Tibble Fork and back this afternoon. Coming down Tibble Fork we caught this great view of the back of Timp.
American Fork canyon is always a great ride, especially during the week when you can avoid the weekend traffic. Today was wonderful, only a handful of cars the whole time.
i was dragging big time today though. T-dub soundly kicked my ass up suncrest. I realized on the way back that although i had a good breakfast, i'd only eaten a handful of nuts and cookies the rest of the day. Darn those girl scouts and their tasty boxes of cookies at every street corner and grocery store.

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