Monday, March 9, 2009


With temps in the 60s and lots of sun in St. G over the weekend it's a little hard to come back to more snow and chilly weather. I got spoiled a little by the warm spell we had here in SLC last week, then the warm s. utah temps this weekend. Every time i walk outside today i keep thinking, "dang, it's cold."

My legs feel pretty heavy after getting some good miles in over the weekend. I didn't ride much last week because i was busy trying to catch up from being in philly the weekend before and getting ready to head south this last weekend, but made up for it down south. Friday we did the mesquite ride and DC pushed it pretty hard over the climb in both directions.

Sat. we rode to Zion's natl. park and back, then sunday DC and i joined the REVO mtb. crew for the JEM loop.

It was a great break from the road miles on a great course. I was feeling pretty burnt, but DC, who from henceforth and forever will be referred to simply by the initials EFB (the "energizer freakin' bunny"), kept chasing everyone around like we were racing. i don't know where he gets his energy. maybe he puts something special besides barley and hops in that home brew he makes.

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