Sunday, March 29, 2009

over the hill (or at least celebrating at the top)!!

Ms. KD-Did had a birthday this week. I won't say how old she is, but i will say to symbolically and ceremoniously celebrate a few of us hiked to the "top of the hill" with the birthday girl (i think the only place to go now is over and down).

After a beautiful hike, an amazing sunset, and the pleasure of some guiding mapgies, we made our way to the house of my good anonymous friend for amazing food and more celebrating.

One thing i've learned about KD-Did over the years, is you don't mess with her food. She gets just a tiny bit, shall we say defensive and violent,

but she is good at sharing.

and she's a good dancer.

Happy B-day ms. kd-did!!

1 comment:

adam and angi bradley said...

Happy Birf-day Cait! We may need to steal your moves!