Monday, March 23, 2009

spring break *sigh*

I love spring break. i am deeply saddened when it ends. Spring break ended today. Even though i don't get a complete break because the university and the high school are on different break calendars, it still feels good to have some extra time. I made a list of things i wanted to get done over the break back last week before it started. i just reviewed my list. I didn't do too well. Most of the things on my to do list are still not done, but i did get a few things accomplished, including:

Rode my bike a lot. this was my heaviest week of the year in terms of hours, and i managed to get all the hours in, including rides in some wonderful weather, some brutal headwinds, and a climb to the end of the road.

Got a good start on my helmet-head tan lines.

Started some of my seeds, though i've still got quite a few to plant.

Ate lots of cookies. hard to get down to race weight with this around.


Tay12 said...

MmMmMm Cookies!! Race weight can wait!! ;)

Tommy said...

stop eating cookies matt...didn't i teach you anything?