Thursday, July 31, 2008


One time this couple from California came to visit some relatives in Utah for the weekend and were surprised when they went out for a movie on friday night that the Utah relatives didn't lock their car.
"Aren't you going to lock your car?" the California couple asked.
"Nah, it's pretty safe here. We won't have any problems," the Utahns answered.
The next day they all went to the mall to do some shopping and again the California couple was surprised when the utah relatives didn't lock the car.
"You don't have to lock the care here at the mall either?"
"Nope," replied the folks from Utah.
But then they were really surprised when the following day, Sunday, the Utah relatives pulled into the church parking lot, got out of the car, and promptly locked it.
Confused the California couple queried, "we don't get it. We went to the movie and you didn't lock the car, we went to the mall and you didn't lock the car, and now here at church you do lock the car. What gives?"
"If we didn't lock the car when we went into church," replied the Utah relatives, "by the time we came out it would be full of zuchini."

I told this joke to a couple of friends from out of state who don't have much gardening experience. They didn't get it.

What to do with all the zuchini that grow so prolifically is a summer time challenge for any gardener, but a happy problem. Zuchini, besides the cool season greens, are usually one of the first garden vegetable to arrive as well, and such was the case for me this year. From my first zuchini i made a great appetizer that's easy and super tasty. Sliced zuchini with gorgonzola filling, cherry tomato, basil, and parmegiano.

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