Sunday, July 6, 2008

why i like cycling in Utah

Last week i was riding Clark's Trail on my mtb. As i started up through the little s-turns before the bridge my ipod shuffled Gotan Project's "Queremos Paz" into place and i made my way through the switch backs with the chill accordian and argentine back beats. I noticed, however, that the song was amplified by another whole beat. "Wow!" i thought, "i've never noticed that," but then it occurred to me it was the cicadas in the scrub oak keeping perfect time to the Gotan Project. It was a perfect, beautiful combination.

Today i rode the Alpine Loop for the first time this season. Yesterday i went with a few other guys to pre-ride the Mt. Ogden course and my legs felt really flat on the North Ogden divide climb. Today, however, i felt much better. Best of all, however, is the scenery. Everytime i ride the Alpine loop i am amazed at the views. Beautiful! and it's nice that it's usually 10 degrees cooler than the valleys, and a lot of the climb is in the shade of the aspen trees. I get to ride this kind of stuff from my doorstep!! Can't beat that.

Pics my bro took last week on the same ride.

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