Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Three, it's a magic number!"

"Yes it is, it's a magic number."
Schoolhouse Rock (and later Jack Johnson, De La Soul, etc) hit it right on the money. Three is my magic number. Actually 3 and 4 are my magic numbers. I always liked 13 when i was a kid and always chose the no. 13 soccer jersey, but i didn't make my high school soccer team, so i guess it wasn't all that magic for me after all.

But three, that's a different story. After this weekend's Capital Reef Classic i have now taken the 3rd place GC spot in three stage races this summer: High Uintah Classic, Gate City Grind, and now the Capital Reef Classic. The irony of it all is that i have not placed better than 4th in any single race. In fact, i have placed 4th in 4 of the races now: 4th at the High Uintah RR, 4th in the Gate City Crit, 4th at the Capital Reef RR, and 4th at the Capital Reef circuit race. So i have won 3rd GC in 3 stage races by taking 4th in 4 of the individual races. Mmmh, i'm sure my friend Cait would be able to interpret that by looking at the stars or something. It is oddly suspicious in a superstitious sort of way, so i'm knocking on wood right now because i'm not sure what other intercessions there are for this sort of alignment of the numbers. Who knows maybe it's a good thing and next i'll place 2nd in 2 races to take 1st GC.

Some of the fine loot i've received for my 3rd place GC finishes:

I also won $90 at High Uintah, which at least paid for my hotel room.

And I did catch a spectacular sunset up near fish lake while driving the course friday night, though my cell phone camera doesn't do it justice.

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fatguyonalittlebike said...

3rd and 4th place are easy, try taking 17th. It is much more challelnging and you get to ride your bike longer.