Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catching up!

Wow, it's been so long since i've written anything i forgot my username and password to log in. Good thing they have the "forgot your password" little link so i could look it all up.

So much has happened. First, i defended my dissertation and passed with minor revisions!

My committee all had to split right after i finished, so i didn't get a picture of everyone, but i did get a picture of myself sitting in my rental car outside of the 501 N. Park building.

lunch with my committee chair Sandy Dolby and my friend Danille,

the party house across the street from the Folklore Institute,

the raspberry chocolate tart thing i bought myself to celebrate,

and my lucky cufflinks i wore to the defense.

I was told by many friends and colleagues that the defense is rather anti-climatic. You spend all those years of work, and then you finish your defense, sign some papers, and that's it, you're done. They were right. The defense was good, my committee had good questions (and some odd questions), then they sent me out of the room. I left for about ten minutes, then they called me back and they congratulated me, we started signing papers, they told me what changes they'd like to see made, and that was it. I was done. One of my committee members had a plane to catch, another had another defense the next day, and so everyone left pretty quick and i walked out to my rental car, sat in the driver's seat watching the Indiana drizzle and thought "my plane isn't for another five hours, what now?"

Luckily i had made lunch plans with my friend Danille and Dr. Dolby joined us, but it was a bit anticlimatic. I still have to finish up my revisions, so i'm not official, but i am glad to be done!

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