Saturday, December 8, 2007

Redemption (sort of)

After last week's disastrous results i was determined to do better today, especially since it was the last race of the season. I was able to get more sleep this week (though i was out late last night), and did get some riding in despite a few storms.

A big storm rolled in last night, so it looked like we would have similar conditions to last week. Ogden didn't get quite as much snow, however, and it was a little bit warmer, so the snow was much wetter. It was snowy, muddy, and sloppy, but no ice, so i managed to stay upright for most of the race.

After two spectacular crashes in the first lap that set me back a little, including an over-the-handlebar endo, i managed to settle into a pace and reel in and pass half a dozen other riders. I finished in 7th. I would've liked top five, but 7th beats the hell out of 19th, so i'm happy about that. Now it's time to put the bikes up for a few weeks and relax before i start training again in january. Good thing because i have a dissertation to finish.

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