Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 poems

a vika

i sent a message
through water and darkness

i asked her to not be jealous,
to find you, to sit on your shoulder
and whisper my words in your ear.

i left your name for the waves to carry away

i thought it might make a difference,
but it didn't and all i can think of is
curry-stained tinfoil, torn bags, and empty plastic bottles
ugly and ubiquitous.


@ Liahona
the Lamanites shot up the dance party.
No one knows where they got the piece,
but two people got hit and one had
to go to the hospital to have a bullet
removed from his knee.

In Zion
on the King's birthday someone
celebrated by shooting up a party.
Tevita wasn't as lucky as the people
@ Liahona. Just out of high school
and his family is preparing a putu.

In Cisco
democracy took a hit on HWY 101.
Purple and black are draped
around the homeland and
bodies are prepared for the return.
A policeman dies, suspicions rise,
and nothing seems adequate.

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