Friday, December 21, 2007

clean, now some drastic measures

Seth was making fun of me today because i don't have my dissertation done. How can a guy who can barely write a full sentence say anything about how long it's taking me to finish. I mean, seth can't even spell, which raises a question i have been meaning to ask him: just what is a "disunctional brother"? Do you even know what unction means? I admire your attempt to use big words, but using them incorrecty makes you sound, well to put it simply, ignorant. What can you expect from a guy who makes his living drawing pictures.

Speaking of the dissertation, my house is finally clean. I even found a solution for the pile of bikes in my front room that was always a pain in the ass.

It took a good four days, but i have cleansed top to bottom, thrown out all the odd papers that have been accumulating, put away all the clutter that had been gathering dust (i realized i had some stuff in my front room that had been there since my parents moved last january--that's almost a year), organized files, swept, mopped, dusted, scrubbed, and vacummed and now i'm ready to start writing. Really!

I also have a plan to take care of my two biggest distractions. I am taking the following items and leaving them at my dad's house tomorrow:

Yes, my router. Without this, no internet, which means no easy distractions. It's amazing how "just checking my email" turns into 2 hrs. of watching youtube. I also often get distracted when i need to "look something up for my dissertation." Then i end up doing more research and reading and chasing articles that i think might be relevant for days, but i've solved that problem as well. I'll keep a little pad and pen right next to my laptop and whenever there's something i need to find or look up i'll write it down, and then once every day or two i can look up everything at once.

This is the key to my u-lock. I've still got a little more than a week until i start riding again, but i'm turning this key over to my dad until my dissertation is done.

i think this might motivate me. I'm sure i'll still find plenty of ways to procrastinate--i've got a stack of books i'd like to read, i'd like to go snowboarding or skiing with all the new snow, and i can always find other house projects--but starting tomorrow i'm in writing lockdown.

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fatguyonalittlebike said...

i hate you and your assface!