Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good bye Colo Springs, Hello Denmark

After a week of training here at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, we are just about to depart for Roskilde, Denmark for Paracycling World Championships.  It's been a great week, kind of like hanging out in a dorm full of lots of really fit people.  Actually it's interesting to see all the different athletic types: everything from massive weightlifters to the tiniest of gymnasts.

The schedule here was great, but it took a little getting used to.  We'd start the day with some type of intensity work out, motorpacing race simulation or TT intervals, then head back and have lunch.  After lunch we would rest.  Yes, just rest.  Do nothing, but rest.  Actually that's not completely true, we could also head over to the recovery center and get a massage, use the compression space legs, or do hot/cold plunges going back and forth from a hot tub to a cold tub.  Then rest some more.  Then late afternoon we would usually do a recovery spin, then some dinner, then more rest.  Rest until bed, then get up and do it again. 

The recovery compression "space legs"

The "radilac": part caddy, part el camino, with a lift kit for good measure. Like one of my friend says, nothing says "USA" like an el camino with a lift kit.

Refueling after some intervals.

Dessert at the OTC cafeteria.

Out for an easy recovery spin.

Went over to the CoSprings velodrome one night to watch the track racing. I think i'd forget their is no freewheel and rip my legs off if i tried track racing.

Coach Durner packing for the trip.

It's been great to get to meet some of the other team members,  an interesting assembly of individuals to say the least, from a variety of backgrounds. I look forward to racing with them in Denmark and cheering for them all in their different race categories. In an hour we head to the airport for our departure.  Can't wait to race!!


Melissa said...

Good Luck Matt! We're cheering for you!

Flahute said...

I recently saw, here in the 801, a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia jacked up like a big off-roading 4x4. Whether the undercarriage was a Jeep or a truck, I couldn't tell you, but it sure looked odd, and yet oddly cool.