Friday, April 15, 2011

spring time in the 801

Means racing in inclement weather.

Photo: Kristin Portolese-Petersen

And lots of grading.

I did finally get my chile and tomato seeds started, though i'm a few weeks behind this year. I figure it may not matter so much, however, since the last two years i haven't planted till the end of May anyway on account of the late snowstorms.

I've also started to get fit for my final "socket" (the carbon fiber mold that actually fits around my leg to which i mount the prosthetic foot). I've outshrunk four sockets already (insurance only covers two), so the one i'm in right now is not too comfortable because i've got about a dozen layers of socks just to keep it fitting snug, but hopefully my residual limb has just about stabilized and i can get into something permanent.

I also just received notification that i was awarded a grant from the Challenged Athlete Foundation for a new cycling prosthesis, so i'm looking forward to working with Joe at Peak Prosthetics to create something for the bike. CAF is a great organization, go "like" their facebook page, add them on twitter, support them, do whatever you can because they do really incredible work with a lot of amazing people worldwide.

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