Friday, April 8, 2011

My Alma Mater and school pride gone awry

I graduated from Alta High just over 20 years ago. Recently Alta has received national attention for an incident in which a white student donned a white pillow case that looked an awful lot like a KKK hood at a spirit assembly. Not long after this initial incident, the picture posted above was sent via text message to many of the students at the school by a few of their classmates.
As i've read through the comments on news pages and the blog of a young bi-racial man who confronted this incident face to face, i reflected on my own experience growing up in a majority white community where the reality and consequences of racism were far from my daily experience, and even trivialized by our ignorance. I recently posted some of these reflections on the blog of the Mestizo Arts & Activism Collective, but wanted to post a link here as well because the issue merits the discussion. You can read my post here.

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