Monday, August 23, 2010

Twenty five reasons one leg is better than two (from the Pughs)

Here is a list of the "top 25 reasons for having one leg instead of two" compiled by Kev, Jadi, and Kaya Pugh (with a few additions of my own at the end):

25. Great weight loss plan
24. one less stinky shoe
23. you can't trip over your own feet
22. save money on sunscreen
21. great excuse to not go dancing (T-dub probably appreciates this better than me since i love to dance, but she's mortified to shake it in front of anyone).
20. no one can tie your shoes together
19. five less toes to get stepped on
18. putting your best foot forward is a given
17. can only put one fo0t in your mouth
16. you can only get one cold foot, not cold feet
15. scaling back is in.
14. sympathy from the chicks
13. we can rebuild it, stronger, faster . . . (cue 6 million dollar man music)
12. get to watch people stare at you without trying to stare
11. First in line at Dinsneyland
10. you're one step closer to looking like Mad-Eye Moody
9. get a parrot and an eye patch and you're a pirate (yes, they even sent me these fine accessories in the mail. the parrot is absolutely brilliant).

8. half-price pedicures
7. built in ice-breaker
6. you will never be forced to bunny hop again
5. one less leg to shave (applies to girls and cyclists)
4. with a prosthetic leg, you can kick butt without stubbing your toe
3. with crutches, you're sure to win three-legged races
2. no more matching socks (and i've just double the number of socks i have)!
1. Chicks dig a man made of steel.

And a few of my own:

I get to ride around in the jazzy when i go to the grocery store.

i don't have to get mad at my puppy when he chews up my shoes (as long as he sticks with the right shoe).

Rock Star parking

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