Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i can

The Utah Republican Party has launched a new ad campaign that oh so cleverly plays on the "i can" at the end of Republ-i-can. It's a feel-good campaign meant to highlight how good we have it here in Utah and how much we have the Utah Republican Party to thank for such prosperity. Utah does have one of the strongest economies in the nation, and for that i'm grateful, although the current financial meltdown has effected us as well, leading to a recent special legislative session to address the state deficit. But all is not as rosy as the Republicans would have us believe. The current financial crisis is largely a result of Republican deregulation and one not need spend much time on capital hill to realize that racism and homphobia persist. Utah has consistently ranked as one of the nations biggest polluters. And although we spend a larger percentage of our state budget on education than almost any other state we still have the lowest per-pupil spending. Many Utah politicos counter that despite the low per-pupil-funding, we have some of the highest achieving students. They omit, however, that we also have one of the largest achievement gaps between white and minority students (and it's not getting any better), and that even white students in Utah score below the national average on standardized test scores.
So, here are a few suggestions for other ads, though i don't think you're going to see these on billboards along I-15.

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SamYam said...

I love the ads, especially the Chris Buttars one.