Sunday, October 12, 2008

The end of Summer, my friends!

Yea, i know, it's already mid-october and summer was over a month and a half ago, but i was hanging on as long as i could.

I can no longer deny it. I woke up this morning to find my garden covered in this.

Dr. L managed to get a lot of her harvest in before the snow. She just sent me this pic.

I wasn't so lucky, and still have lots of peppers and tomatoes out there under the white stuff, but it's supposed to warm up again this week, and we didn't have a hard freeze, so i'm hoping to still be able to get a bunch of the peppers to hang and dry. I've also got to pull in the corn, black beans, butternut, and pumpkin, even though they can handle the cold a little better.

It's also election time, my friends. Fortunately Hans let our marxist econ class out early enough tuesday that i could get home and watch the second debate, which was supposed to be in the "town hall" format. That just bascially meant McCain got to walk around calling everyone his friend while Tom Brokaw tried to enforce the rules about time limitations with no actual "town hall" type conversation. Folks asked their questions, then sat down. Why bother with the town hall format if it is moderated so heavily that conversation and debate can't actually take place? Quite a let down. At least i got in a 90-minute work out.

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