Monday, August 25, 2008

The worst $4 quesadilla ever (and a proposal)


Today is the first day of the semester. Ms. Katydid emailed me to see if i wanted to join her after classes for something to eat, so i agreed and asked her where she wanted to meet. She was having a meeting at the cafe at the UMFA, so she suggested i meet her there, which i did. I was quickly reminded why i don't like to eat at the UMFA cafe—their food is mediocre at best and downright lousy at times, as was the case today.
I decided to try the quesadilla. Big mistake. This is what i was served:

Grated cheddar cheese on a green flour tortilla. No salsa. No cream. No tomatoes or lettuce. Bland and uninspiring. Nothing but .35 cents of grated cheese on a .02 cent flour tortilla. Four dollars is a hell of a markup for a .37 cent quesadilla (we actually called this a "cheese crisp" in the very white household in which i grew up, but at least we complimented it with Pace Picante sauce, diced tomatoes, and iceburg lettuce).

I asked one of the servers if i could get some salsa, but she said they didn't have any because it was too hard to keep.
"You can't keep salsa in the fridge?" i queried in disbelief.
"No," she replied, "it's too hard."
Cait was also not very happy with her cookie, which she said was undercooked.

So, i have determined to no longer eat mediocre food at the overpriced UMFA cafe. That leaves the problem, however, of finding food on campus since i'm not real fond of the Chartwell monopoly on everything else.


Taco venders! For $1.00-$1.50 i can get a carne asada taco with all the fixings at any number of taco vendors in the Salt Lake area. For $2.00-$3.00 i can get a quesadilla with my choice of meat, salsa, and all the fixings at these same vendors.

My proposal is to bring taco vendors to campus. There are a number of places they could set up and provide students and faculty with an economic and tasty alternative to the lousy Chartwell monopoly. I'm not sure what the terms of Chartwell's contract with the university is, but i aim to find out, and do what i can to bring real food at reasonable prices to higher ed.

$5.00 of tasty food from Tacos Conchis, one of my favorite local taco stands located on 2oo s. and about 450 w. It's amazing, given the UMFA cafe's difficulty keeping salsa, that Tacos Conchis offers a number of salsa varieties, and without a fridge at that.

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