Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"This doesn't feel like a birthday party!"

Ms. Caity wanted to throw a birthday party for me, but i wasn't having it, until...

she suggested we have a patio party, and by patio party she meant having people come over to help me level the patio i started a year and a half ago, but never finished. I was down with that.

So last night for my birthday Cait and Leti convinced some good friends to come over for a bbq—and a little manual labor. Not long into the patio project David keenly observed, "this doesn't feel much like a birthday party," but everybody else was already strategizing how they could get Cait and Leti involved in planning their unfinished home project/birthday parties.

Terry quickly took control and showed us how to do it, which was pretty gracious considering he just though he was going to a birthday party.

Soon enough the flagstones were going into place nice and level, and even though we didn't finish, we got a good start.

Best of all, we finished up the evening with carne asada and cait's special cake (which she said she died green to represent my green thumb and a few other things i can't remember). Guacamole and carne asada on corn tortillas are definitely in my top ten food favorites.

Throughout the day i also got phone calls, usually accompanied by lots of out-of-tune singing, from all my nieces and nephews. They're all stinking cute, even if they can't sing very well.

Thanks everyone for a great b-day!

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Tommy said...

yes, this is your coach watching you...what are you doing eating all of that cake!! Just kidding...happy b-day. Are you racing 50+ now?