Friday, July 8, 2011

For Bunny, Brynn, Josie, and the many others. . .come race your bike and eat donuts!!

Ok, i know it's a little intimidating to get into bike racing, especially when you see all those skinny, fit racers barely filling out their tight lycra kits, but next weekend is the perfect opportunity to get into bike racing while not having to give up your penchance for fatty foods. In fact, this is the only race i know of where you are actually rewarded for downing as many calories as you can. I know all too well how adversely extra calories can effect race performance ( yes, i love to eat), but at the annual Tour de Donut, you get a time deduction, yes you heard that right, a time deduction (in bike racing that equates to a good thing, you know faster time) for every donut you eat. In fact, it is possible to get a negative time, something that not even the best riders of the Tour de France can boast.

So, here's how it works, as described on the Tour de Donut website:

"It’s simple. Race 21 miles and see who is the king donut! In circuit style, ride 7 miles, then eat as many donuts as you would like. No limit. Then, ride 7 more miles, eat more donuts, then ride the last 7 mile lap.

Take 3 minutes off your time for each donut you keep down. Glory and adulation (and great prizes!) are waiting for you at the Finish Line.

Prizes are awarded on 'Adjusted Times'. There is a good chance that if you do not eat any donuts, you might not end up the overall winner!"

Now, if that isn't enough incentive to come and race (and eat), this is also a great event on a number of other levels. It's a fundraiser for the Huntsman Cancer Institute (an organization that my frequent readers will know is dear to my heart), as well as a number of other worthy non-profit organizations. But perhaps most important for our family, and a reason i have some real respect for the American Fork Rotary Club, is the way that they came out last year, and just days after Bunny's death, put together a first class memorial and tribute to her. They didn't know our family, they didn't know Bunny, but they reached out and gave us a venue to remember Bunny and celebrate her passion for life and fitness. We were honored that they would come to us this year and ask if we would be interested in participating again.

Tragically, not long ago, another family in our community lost one of their loved ones when Brynn Barton was struck and killed by a car while riding her bike in downtown SLC with some friends. As a result of these tragedies, the Tour de Donut is partnering with Road Respect, to raise awareness about cyclists on Utah roads and the rights and responsibilities of both cyclists and automobile drivers. Many of Brynn Barton's family and friends will be participating in this year's Tour de Donut, as well, so come and show support for them, and help us remember and celebrate Brynn, Bunny, Josie Johnson, and all the many others who have been killed or injured while cycling on Utah roads. Like last year there will be a shorter memorial lap before the race for Bunny and Brynn, so bring the family, kids, friends, and eat donuts, ride your bike, and support some great causes.

I've heard a lot of excuses for not racing in the past, but, none of those will hold up here. You can't say your too fat. You can't say you're out of shape (remember you're rewarded at this race for your ability to down calories). And how can you turn down cancer patients, kids in Africa, or the families and friends of such great women as Bunny and Brynn? You're right, there really isn't an excuse, so unless you are doing one of those other two races next weekend (in which case you probably haven't been eating donuts anyway), i expect to see you out at the Tour de Donut!!


Marsha said...

Well said. This will be my first year riding the Tour de Donut. I have been an Infinite Cycles fan and customer for a couple of years and have wanted to ride. When I saw the causes, and now after reading your blog about all the real caring and support that goes on for cyclists, I know my birthday will be filled with fun and probably some tears.

matt b. said...

Hopefully your birthday will be full of more tears of joy than sorrow, or most likely cuz you just ate too many donuts. :)