Thursday, July 9, 2009

back on the bike

After the hypothermia classic, i was feeling a bit burnt out about the bike. In fact, even before high uintah i had been feeling a bit burnt out, which i can't quite figure out because i wasn't putting in long training hours, nothing more than last year, though i have certainly had less structure (yes, Tommy, you helped me keep structure, something i'm sorely lacking this year). So, i determined to do what anyone who is feeling sluggish, slow, and unmotivated should do: i increased my training hours and intensity. Just kidding. i took a good week and a half off the bike. It worked out well because i was going to Houston, TX for a conference and it is far too humid and hot in Houston to do anything but wish you were somewhere other than Houston.

I did do one short ride while at the conference: the Tour de Hood. This cat has an incredible program to get young urban kids on bikes, and help them recognize the assets in their neighborhoods, complete with fresh fruit.

We got a great tour of some of the areas in the 3rd ward that were historically settled by freed slaves, but are now undergoing significant gentrification. Interesting to see $300,000 condos and "private" parks across the street from rowhouses.

After Houston i eased back into cycling here by trying to get some miles in. I rode the Alpine loop for the first time this year last friday, and was again amazed by the beauty of the ride. This one never gets old.

And even though i'm a few pounds heavier than i was last year, and not climbing as well, i did manage to beat UCA state point champion B.Parry over both the alpine loop and suncrest, probably the only time in my life i'll manage that, so i relished it.

Saturday the artist and i got out for a bit of mountain biking. The new Ghost Falls descent is great fun.
The artist, DC, and I all recently upgraded to cat 3. I'm glad about that, but not too excited that my first race as a cat 3, the capital reef classic, may be raced with the cat 3s and 1/2 fields all combined if the fields aren't bigger than they were last year. That will not be fun.

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Tommy said...

Bryson told me he threw up...nice work boys!