Sunday, November 25, 2007


Great little town with nice beaches in both directions. I was staying with a couple of guys who were there to surf, but because i didn't want to use muscles i didn't usually use, or give myself some sort of neck cramp right before the race i resisted the urge to surf. Instead i watched other people surf...

and I read.

It gets light crazy early in Costa Rica, like at 5:30 am. I didn't realize this, so the first morning i was there i was up and getting my bike ready by 6:00. I had finished a ride and made it back to the vista del mar by 8:00, and i thought it was around 11:00. It was nice to get some early rides in though and check out some of the beaches. First day i rode north to Playa Ostianal.

The second day before i loaded up to drive down to Jacó i rode south to Playa Garza.

I definitely recommend Lodge Vista del Mar for anyone headed that direction. It's a few clicks from the beach, but the view is worth it and the west-facing balconies are a great place to end the day watching the sunset.

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